About My Bookshelf


My Bookshelf provides you with detailed summaries of interesting books. Not only that, but I also like to do other fun stuff, such as, evaluating quotes, writing poems, and reading facts. Obviously, it’s all going to be about reading or words, but I hope you all enjoy anyway!

My Bookshelf would like to inform the general audience about reading and how beneficial it is and what wonders it can do. One really exciting part about reading is that you can go anywhere, while reading a good book, you forget about all your conflicts, drama, and stress and focus on the world that lays in-between the pages. In today’s world, where technology is the leading source for people to “escape” their lives, they fail to realize, that what a social media post can do, a book can do better. I urge you to, once in a while pick up a book, a magazine, a newspaper, or anything that you can read (that’s not on a screen) and just delve deep into whatever it is.

Visit my ‘About Me’ page to know more about me.

~Avni ❤

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