Hi, I’m back with some news!

April is sexual awareness month so I wrote a poem, Paradigm, that addresses a woman’s perspective regarding domestic violence.

You all should definitely check it out on the National Organization for Women’s Seattle page ↓

I hope you all like it – make sure to keep checking that page for more updates + maybe more poetry!

Have a wonderful rest of your day,

Avni ☀︎


  1. Hey Avni! I’m backkk!! Missed you! How have you been?
    Read your poem, it’s so beautiful and inspiring. Congrats on having it published!!
    I love this line: “As if, the greatest achievement a woman can have is to say she survived.” So powerful. Amazing as always 👏🤗

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    1. Oh my gosh! WARDAH!! You’re back yay, that’s crazy ☺️ How are you???? I’m doing well, it’s getting sunnier which I LOVE and my blog has been pretty dormant hahah

      thank you! that’s kind- I’m glad you liked it 🥰

      glad you’re back!

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      1. I’m doing really good! The break helped a lot! Glad you’re doing well, and yesss I’m so glad that it’s almost summer! Need that nice weather!

        It’s okay, we all need breaks sometimes but I hope to catch up on your work soon! And of course 💕🤗

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